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Welcome to my website! I’m Romance Author Missy Jane. I write stories in the fantasy, paranormal, erotic, and contemporary romance genres. I also write urban fantasy.

You may be wondering where all of my books have gone. Don’t worry, they’re still on my hard drive. As of 2019 I now have the rights back to all twenty of my previously published work. As my budget allows I will be re-releasing all of my books including:

Gargoyle Masters series (Fantasy Romance)

Houston Vampires series (Urban Fantasy)

Shapeshifter vs. Humans series (Paranormal Romance)

Love Beyond Barriers series (Erotic Romance)

Erotic Arts series (Erotic Romance)

…and all of my former EC erotic romance short stories/novellas.

All of the above will include never-before published books to finish out the series. If you’d like to get up-to-date info on when the books will be available, please follow me on the social media outlets to the right, and/or sign up for my newsletter.

2020 Appearances: