Erotic Arts Series

Erotic Images

Erotic Images

Erotic Arts Book 1

Love creeps up when you least expect it.

Lynn Graves is desperate for money to pay off the debt left behind after her divorce. So, when she comes across an ad from an erotic photographer looking for a model, the answer is easy. However, being shy and slightly inexperienced aren’t exactly traits needed for her to take off all her clothes for the world to see.

A photographer with years of experience under his belt, Weston Myers is pretty sure he’s seen it all. However, he’s never encountered a woman with the natural beauty and grace that Lynn exhibits. He knows his camera’s going to love her from the first moment he sees her but convincing her of it won’t be easy. Once her clothes come off attraction hits hard, but it’s the quiet moments between them that are the real kicker. With a stalking ex-husband and Lynn’s insecurities, Wes has his work cut out for him. He’ll do whatever it takes to make Lynn believe he wants more between them than her erotic images.

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Missy Jane

Erotic Influence

Erotic Arts Book 2

Giving love a chance has never felt so good.

Annie may be a shy twenty-something who spends her days keeping track of her wayward teenage sister, but Rick noticed her living across the street as soon as he moved in. Now he can’t stop fantasizing about the sweet, innocent woman, and wanting her has become an obsession. He just has to convince her to give him a chance instead of always running away.

Annie’s life plans stalled a couple of years ago and now she just wants to help her sister get into college. Then Rick comes along and proves to be a help as much as a distraction. All she has to do is pose for his friend, an erotic photographer. Not only will she earn the money she needs for her sister’s college fund, Rick’s erotic influence just might liberate her enough to become his woman too. It’s a chance she’s more than willing to take…so long as no one finds out what she’s doing.

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