New Release! Lunchtime Sex

It’s here!! Lunchtime Sex is available starting today over at Ellora’s Cave Publishing. You can buy your copy here.

Passion and fun have been missing from Genie’s life for a long time. Most days she can only hope for a phone call from her college-age son. But that changes when a hot prospective resident walks into her leasing office and turns her world upside down. There’s only one thing holding her back from responding to his advances—his age. He’s only three years older than her son. She should resist…

Nick has just graduated college and hopes for a job in a larger city with more potential. What he doesn’t expect is to find an irresistible woman—who just happens to be the sexy mother of one of his college buddies. Resistance is futile, and he can only pray his friend doesn’t kill him once he finds out. When things heat up quickly with Genie, Nick discovers he must convince her he wants more than a bout of Lunchtime Sex.

A Romantica® older woman/younger man erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Montgomery County Book Festival

Tomorrow I’ll be heading north to The Woodlands for a book festival! The weather promises to be gorgeous. So, if you’re in the area plan on stopping by for a bit. There will be many wonderful authors of various genres on hand to talk books and sign books!

More info here:

And here:

Best of all, admission is FREE!!!

Happy Holidays

I know I haven’t been posting much and if you’ve missed me I apologize. To be honest I’ve just been exhausted from my schedule of getting the kids taken care of on a daily basis. Teen #1 has a job at the mall where she works late hours. I have to pick her up around midnight then wake at 5:30 for the daily routine. It’s very tiring. 

I’ve also been writing and preparing for Christmas in our house. Lots of stuff to do. I hope each of you is successful in preparing for the end of the year, or end of civilization possibly. I hope you each also have very happy holidays if you celebrate them. I might not post again until after the New Year, so if I don’t have a Happy and safe New Year!

NaNoWriMo 2012: Final Update

Another year done and NaNoWriMo has officially ended. How did I do? Well, I didn’t win, but I actually did a lot better than all my previous years of participation. By midnight I was at 45,191, a shortage of just 4,809 words. I was, of course, kicking myself for playing around on Facebook and Twitter so much. I am a horrible procrastinator and if you follow me on either social network you saw the moment when I realized I simply wasn’t going to make it. I had to leave the computer to pick my child up from work with two hours to go and knew there was just no way I’d get back with enough time to finish.

Now, for the actual numbers. Within the month of November I worked on final edits for my newest Ellora’s Cave novella, Too Hard to Break. I’m not sure of the release date for that one just yet. I also worked on the “cougar” story that’s been tormenting me for months. The plan was to leave that one shelved until today so I could work just on the NaNo WIP but those characters weren’t having it. Then of course I also worked on the NaNo WIP, tentatively titled Too Hot to Handle. So in essence, I wrote quite a bit more than 50,000 words within the month of November, just not all on one manuscript.

Am I disappointed? A little. But only because I started out so strong and could have finished if I’d just kept my butt in gear. It’s totally my fault that I’m so easily distracted. However, next year I will once again try to get it done. We’ll see, maybe I’ll have my internet connection disabled for the month to make it easier on myself. 😉

Meet Me Online Today!

What are you doing today? Me, I’m hanging out at Bitten By Books and giving away a Samhain Publishing tote bag full of goodies! There will also be one $5 Samhain gift card up for grabs. All you have to do is join me over there today after 2pm CST. I’ll be answering questions, asking question, and generally just chatting about my books here. See ya there!

*Print copy of Day Shift will be replaced with print copy of The Second Book of Grimm by Shiloh Walker.*

You can enter the contest here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway//

It’s NaNo Time!!

Today is November 1st, time for NaNoWriMo. Are you ready? Wait, do you know what that is? It stands for National Novel Writing Month, which is November, and is a “contest” to complete a novel within one month. I’ve participated for a few years but never “won”. This is my year. I can feel it! 

Wanna be my NaNo buddy? You can find me here:

Good luck and Happy Writing!!