Friday WTF: My Kids Eat What?!

I know in a lot of ways I’m a bit overprotective and paranoid when it comes to my kids. But I promise you, I’m the one who does the grocery shopping in my house. Every now and then I’ll ask them what they would like for dinner and I pretty much bow to their wishes for breakfast. However, there is no ad campaign in creation that can turn my kids into mindless food zombies who will FORCE me to buy what is advertised. Nope. Not gonna happen. So, I find the news about Disney Channel no longer showing junk food ads aimed at their young target audience silly. Okay, in reality I think it’s just plain fucking stupid. So what if they show my kids sugar packed cereals and calorie riddled candy bars. If I decide my kids shouldn’t eat them guess what, THEY DON’T. You know why? Because I’m the adult in this equation and I decide on what they eat. I also decide on what they watch and I’m more concerned about some of the TV show content than those damn commercials. I’m very close to tossing all of the TVs out of my house. Le sigh.

WWWW: This Dad is Doing it Right

Most everyone who even glances at the internet from time to time heard of the father who shot up his daughter’s laptop and posted it on Facebook. There was a huge outpouring of support for his tactic as well as quite a few critics. However, I found this photo and article¬†in the Houston Chronicle on Tuesday and have to wonder why it hasn’t gone viral yet. The article mentions a psychologist who claims this sort of humiliating punishment doesn’t work. I call bullshit on his claim. I guarantee if I ever had cause to make my daughters do something of this nature, they would never commit the crime again. And why is that? Not just because this punishment is humiliating. But also because it fits the crime to some degree and my daughters would realize there are dire consequences to those actions. I think what a lot of parents don’t realize, or forget, is that children sometimes just need to know there ARE¬†CONSEQUENCES! Maybe because the parents were never held accountable for their actions, or still aren’t as adults.