No 2014 NaNoWriMo for Me

After much deliberation and talking myself into and out of it a few times, I’ve decided not to attempt NaNoWriMo this year. To be honest, it’s been hard for me to get in the writing groove lately and I know pushing myself in November is not the answer. Instead, I’m trying very hard to finish book two of my Gargoyle Masters series. I’m on a good flow with that WIP and already about 25,000 words in. So, halting that project for NaNo just seemed like a dumb move.

For everyone who is giving it a go: GOOD LUCK!!

Final NaNoWriMo update of 2013

Today is December 1st, which means NaNoWriMo has officially ended. Final word count: 35,016. So, no I didn’t win again this year. But here is why I’m okay with that.

It’s all about choices. I realized about a week ago that I still had a chance at winning NaNo if I really buckled down and got to writing. But what did that mean exactly? It meant doing almost nothing over my Thanksgiving Holiday break from work but writing. I’m a married mother of four. There’s no such thing as doing nothing but writing in my life except in small hard-earned sprints. Sure, I could’ve been a real bitch and made it happen. I could’ve told my husband he had to make Thanksgiving dinner, and told my daughters there would be no shopping done until next weekend. There were plenty of opportunities for me to shove everyone who is important to me away and lock the door to my room so I could make the 50,000 word count by 11:59 pm last night. But no. That’s not who I am.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I wholeheartedly respect every single writer who made it. I could’ve been a lot better earlier in the month and not needed the crunch at the end. But honestly, that’s just not how I write. I write when the mood strikes me at the same time I have a free moment. Yeah, that miracle combination doesn’t always happen. So, I’ll try again next year, and the year after that, and the year after that. Who knows. One year it could happen. For now I’ll take my 35, 016 word manuscript and keep adding to it until I’m satisfied it’s a finished product. I’ll also have fond memories of Thanksgiving week from Black Friday Shopping, Christmas tree hunting, cooking Thanksgiving dinner, and overall spending time with my family. 

NaNo Week Three Update

As of the writing of this post I’m waaaaayy behind on my NaNoWriMo word count. However, I do have today off of work, so I’m hoping to catch up a bit.

NaNo always happens at the worst time of year. With the Thanksgiving holiday comes a lot of responsibilities for me as a mom to four students. There are band events, school plays, book fairs, meetings, fall festivals, and so much more. I’ve had a lot of running around to do. Still, If I were to be completely honest with myself, I’d admit my word count would be higher if Facebook didn’t exist. Of course, then I’d just find a different site to play around on.

Anyway, my current word count as of the end of today should be 36,673. I’m sitting at 14,670. Yeah. Over 22,000 words need to be written in the next twelve hours. My best is usually 2,000 per hour if I really go at it hard. So, the 22k isn’t happening today. But I am hoping to hit 40,007 by the end of Sunday. That’s about 8,445 words per day over the next three days. It could happen.

Want a little taste of what I’m working on? Here ya go:
(unedited excerpt from Crossing Death)

None of the men so much as blinked until another man walked up behind them. He wore black cargo pants and a black t-shirt that looked ready to pop from his bulging muscles. The blond hair on his head was cut military short. He came to an abrupt halt behind the armed men and used two fingers to give Rex a quick salute. ‘T-Rex. I see you got your package here safe and sound.”

“You doubted me, Mad Max?” Rex asked with obvious amusement.

Max didn’t even crack a smile. “Never, brother. Never.”

With that he spun on his heel and the other men lowered their weapons. Rex chuckled and motioned for Jana to follow Max. Doubts assailed her as to whether that was a good idea, but it did beat the alternative. She was safely tucked away underground behind a brick wall, chain-link fence, and amongst heavily armed men. Yeah, she’d go where Rex told her to go.

Max led them into what looked like the control room. Television screens lined one wall and appeared to show the entire perimeter of the prison. One view was from a guard tower. It was high enough to make her dizzy so she quickly looked away. Fluorescent bulbs that had long ago been outlawed in WH lit the room with a yellow tint. Max settled into a chair at a long, rectangular table. Rex sat in one of the other nine chairs and she sat beside him.

“So,” Max began. “What brings you to my neck of the woods, T-Rex? You only stop on your way to the big D if you run into trouble.” He blatantly eyed Jana up and down. “Have you?”

He was a good looking guy but something about him gave her the creeps. She fought the urge to move her chair closer to Rex. He cleared his throat and leaned back in his chair, throwing his arm over the back of hers. “In a way. Jana was ejected from WH but we don’t know why. I was hoping you could help us figure it out.”

She fought the urge to look at him, though she wondered about his lie. They knew exactly why she’d been ejected, even if he swore it wasn’t the truth.

Max rubbed his chin and looked her over again. “Payment?”

“The usual.”

He shook his head. “I don’t need ammunition right now, my friend. In fact, I’m craving something…a little more delicate.”

Rex’s hand settled on her shoulder and he pulled her close to his side. She didn’t fight him. He shook his head. “I don’t think so. You know I don’t like to share.”

Max tensed and beneath the table Jana barely made out Rex slipping a pistol from his waistband. He settled it in his lap. She still gripped his knife in her hand and prayed she wouldn’t need to use it. Finally Max smiled and his shoulders dropped the slightest bit.

 “Yeah, you bastard, I remember.”

NaNo Week Two Update

Today marks week two of NaNoWriMo. My word count should be sitting somwhere around 25,004 by the end of the day. I’m too embarrassed to admit exactly what it is, but will say it’s only a fraction of that count. Life, as usual, has gotten in the way of my writing. I’ll admit I could be doing better with my time management skills. Hopefully the second half of the month will run more smoothly. We shall see.

And you? Are you writing like crazy this month too? If so, I wish you the best of luck with your word count.

It’s NaNo Time Again!

What time is it? It’s NaNoWriMo time!!

What the hell am I talking about? Well, November is officially National Novel Writing Month. So, every year lots of crazies like me spend the entire month attempting to write a 50,000 word novel. There’s a lot of inspiration, caffeine, frustrated tears, and social media hysterics along the way, but many of us accomplish the feat. Last year I missed it by two days. This is my year. I can feel it!

Will you attempt NaNo this year? Don’t worry, anyone can do it. You don’t have to be published or even think of yourself as a writer. Just commit to a certain word count every single day. Mine is 2,000 but to hit the goal you really only need to do 1,667 (aprox.). Every day you can add your word count to the tracker on the website and it will show how far you are from the goal. You can even add buddies to see how they’re doing on their goals. Nothing like healthy competition to get the creative juices flowing. I’ve already written at least one novel during NaNo that eventually got published. There’s no reason you can’t too.

One thing to remember is November is just for WRITING. The editing happens in December, or whenever you can stand to look at your manuscript again. It’s okay if it sits in a file for a couple of months. Just GET IT WRITTEN in November and you’ve won NaNo! I’ll be posting updates to Twitter at least weekly, but hopefully more often than that. With my new work schedule this year’s going to be a little tricky, but I’m determined. So, will you join me? There’s really no good reason not to. Good luck!!

Here I Am!

My wonderful, faithful readers, I owe you an apolgy for being MIA the past few months. I’ve played a little on FB and Twitter, but not nearly the norm of the past couple of years. 

I’ve changed jobs twice since July and rearranging my schedule has been a bit hectic. My daughters and I just (this morning) finished the JDRF Walk for a Cure, which has taken up a lot of my time as well. To those of you who donated to our team, THANK YOU! We sincerely appreciate it. I’ll probably start planning for next year’s walk in late spring so keep it in mind if you’d like to join us.

Next up: NaNo! November 1st marks the beginning of National Novel Writing Month. Me, along with thousands of other masochists, attempt to write a 50,000 word novel within thirty days. It’s funny, exhausting, eye-opening, and frustrating all at the same time. You should join in!

Along with NaNo, November marks my return to Allen, TX for Readers n’Ritas. This year one of my all-time favorite authors will be there, Sherrilyn Kenyon! I’ve had the honor of meeting her twice before but still look forward to seeing her again.

So, as you can see there’s never a dull moment in my house. NaNo will also be my return to a regular writing schedule. After all, who needs sleep, right?

Life and NaNoWriMo Week 2

I have a lot going on in the next couple of days. First of all, tomorrow, the 16th, I’ll have a guest blog at Nikki Duncan’s site as a part of her release party for Her Miracle Man. I’ll be choosing one lucky commenter for a prize. Nikki is also giving away a ton of prizes, including 2 airline tickets!

Next I’ll be joining The Romance Reviews’ Year-End Splash (YES!) Party on the 17th. Answer my Q&A for a chance to win my ebook Winning Back Wednesday. Their party lasts until December 15th and they’re giving away over 300 prizes from various authors and publishers. It’s guaranteed to be a really good time.

Then on the 19th I’m a guest on Anna Kathyrn’s blog. I’ll be giving away a very unique prize, a paperback copy of Jade Lee’s Dragonbound. What’s so unique about it? Just wait until you see the inscription. No, it’s not to me, but my name is involved. You’ll just have to check out the post to see it. 😉

And last, but certainly not least, my NaNoWriMo update. As of this morning I’m sitting at 23,599 words. I’m on track for their goal of 50K but behind for my personal goal of 60K. I’ve been trying to push myself to write at least 2K words a day but it hasn’t been easy. I’ve also gotten the first round of edits back for Too Hard to Break. That will cut into my NaNo time but will be so worth it. I’m really excited about Elle’s story and can’t wait to share it with all of you!

So that’s my week in a nutshell. If I don’t have a chance to post this later I just want to say I’m VERY thankful for my readers. I hope you all have safe and joyous holidays!!!