Hottie John Quinlan Needs Your Vote!!

If the name in the title looks familiar it’s because it should be. John is one of the sweetheart male models who allowed me to use his photos for our ogling pleasure in a Male Model Monday post. In fact, John is the only model to be featured twice! He is so awesome, he just keeps sending me beautiful photos. So, now he could use our help. He’s in a contest and can use some votes. Here’s the info from the email he received:

Lucy’s ORR will run from October 8 – 12 and is a chance for authors and industry professionals to connect with their readers.   In addition to many blogs and social media activities, the cover model contest will be a week long event.  Readers will have an opportunity to vote via “Liking” your photo in the special “Cover Model Contest” photo album to be created on Lucy’s Facebook-Fans page and/or Pinterest.  The combined likes/pins on both pages will determine the winner. “

Okay everyone, please add your vote by liking John’s photo(s) at one or both of the links below:

MMM: John Quinlan Revisited

The face may look familiar. (If you’re bothering to look at his face.) That would be because John isn’t a stranger to my MMM blog. He was originally featured on June 11th, but is such a sweetheart that he sent me more yummy photos! So my lovely readers, here they are. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have. 😉

You can connect with John here:

That’s a body made for book covers!!

MMM: The Juicy John Quinlan


Name: John Quinlan

Age: 37

Birthplace: Winchester, Massachusetts United States

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 210lbs.

Eye/Hair Color: Hazel Green/ Black shaved

Shoe size: 10

I’ve had the immense pleasure of meeting many interesting people online, and one of them is male model John Quinlan. He is such a sweetheart, immediately agreeing to a grilling from me for the entertainment of my readers. If you’re looking for a hot body and sexy face to grace your next book cover, look no further.

How long have you been modeling professionally? At what age did you decide to model? 

All together since I was 19 years old. Fitness and sports modeling throughout my 20’s and into my 30’s I expanded into art, editorial, fashion and romance cover modeling as well. I still participate in fitness and sports modeling to this day. People have told me I am a unique model in the sense I have never been limited to one genre and can adapt very well when I have to depending on the style of shoot. 

Have you traveled for your job? If so where was your favorite assignment, if not where is your dream assignment? 

Yes, I had a photo shoot in the Las Vegas desert in Red Rock Canyon. Beautiful sunny day and the back drop was amazing, sunny and 75 degrees. This was my favorite shoot 🙂

When not modeling, what hobbies do you enjoy?

Working out is my enjoyment, keeps me young so I am able to keep up with the younger guys and my kids. I have 3 of them, 2 boys and a girl so my other hobby is being a good dad.

John has modeled not only for covers, but also on the runway, for calendars and magazines. He is also a bodybuilder. I love that he looks great as both a hero and a villain! 😉

You can connect with him here:

And find out more about him here: