Birthday Blog Tour Update

I finally got around to buying up books for my Birthday Blog Tour prize packs. What do ya’ll think of the selection to the left? Don’t worry, there will be more as the month wears on. The pretty, purple baggies are also prize pack goodies that include some candy and Missy Jane magnets.

Congratulations to Christle and Ju for being my first two winners! Your next chance will be Sunday over at Victoria Gray’s blog. The rest of the schedule is in the previous post and on my site. Good luck!

New Monthly Blog Post

I’ve decided I need to do more giveaways to my readers. Now I don’t have a large backlist, so I think exposing my readers to my favorite authors is the way to go. But, how do I do that in a different way than everyone else? Book reviews are already all over the internet, which is a good thing. However, sometimes when I get into a good book it only takes one crappy character to ruin the whole experience. I wish there was a list of characters to look out for, good and bad, rather than just books.

Now there will be something akin to that on my blog. Once a month I’m going to do a character review rather than a book review. Then one lucky commenter will win that book. Easy as pie, right? So my first task is creating the book list. I read many different genres: horror, romance (ALL types), historical fiction and literature. However, since I’m a paranormal and erotic romance author, I think I’m going to start with one of those. Here’s where you come in. Give me your wish list of books you want to know more about. I’d like to have my first post up n the next couple of days so I need some suggestions please.