Friday WTF?: Another Year Older

It’s my birthday…again. Yeah, yeah, I know it happens every year at this same time, but for some reason this one feels different. It’s not really about me though. This isn’t a milestone birthday. I’m thirty-seven today so I have three more years before the big 40. I think my glum mood is because of my daughters getting older right along with me.

I’m the type of person who really likes to celebrate birthdays, even my own. I’m not ashamed or afraid to tell people my real age or the year I was born. I totally own it. But with the ending of the 2011-2012 school year, and the successful passing of all four of my girls, I now have a Senior in high school, a Freshman in high school, a middle schooler, and a fourth grader. The high school ones are biggies. My oldest received her voter registration form in the mail yesterday and I nearly burst into tears. But having my third oldest in middle school is tough too. I taught her how to shave her legs this week!

So, for me age is a relative thing as it applies to myself. When I’m eighty I might still feel sixty and that’s just fine. What isn’t so great is that I’ve never been able to find the pause button on my daughters. And they just keep getting older and older.

Friday WTF: My Kids Eat What?!

I know in a lot of ways I’m a bit overprotective and paranoid when it comes to my kids. But I promise you, I’m the one who does the grocery shopping in my house. Every now and then I’ll ask them what they would like for dinner and I pretty much bow to their wishes for breakfast. However, there is no ad campaign in creation that can turn my kids into mindless food zombies who will FORCE me to buy what is advertised. Nope. Not gonna happen. So, I find the news about Disney Channel no longer showing junk food ads aimed at their young target audience silly. Okay, in reality I think it’s just plain fucking stupid. So what if they show my kids sugar packed cereals and calorie riddled candy bars. If I decide my kids shouldn’t eat them guess what, THEY DON’T. You know why? Because I’m the adult in this equation and I decide on what they eat. I also decide on what they watch and I’m more concerned about some of the TV show content than those damn commercials. I’m very close to tossing all of the TVs out of my house. Le sigh.

Friday WTF?: Boobs Hanging Out

By now many of you have probably already read the Yahoo article about another “controversy” over breastfeeding. Am I the only one rolling my eyes over this? I know this is a hot button for many people but I’m going to state my opinion here anyway. So, buckle your seat belts. Here it goes.

I breastfed my oldest for three months of her life, but her sisters didn’t get the same treatment. Now that she’s a teen and they are all older, the differences in their health are painfully obvious. Therefore, I well and truly support breastfeeding a child if at all possible. However, I’m not a fan of ANYONE exposing themselves in public. I know I “like” and comment about shirtless and mostly naked men on Facebook all the time. But to be honest, if I’m walking around with my kids somewhere I want everyone to be covered up.

Now, before anyone of you start unfriending me and typing the angry “but it’s a natural and beautiful thing” emails, let me remind you this is my OPINION. It’s what works for me personally. But I think it’s important to state that just because I don’t want to see a woman’s boobs (feeding or not) when I’m out in public, doesn’t mean I’m against breastfeeding at all or in public. I mean, come on, there are so many tasteful ways to do it that I think those who choose to flash everyone are just at the point of belligerence now. We as a society have gotten to the “my rights, fuck you” stage where we’re like five-year-olds doing what others don’t want us to do just to start a fight.

Back when I was breastfeeding, I had to sit in bathrooms and cover my child’s head with a blanket. Now there are all kinds of cool bras and shirts that do the job for you, and many places have special rooms and areas away from the toilets. Now, if you can’t afford the cool clothes and are somewhere without the special area, can’t you still show some dignity by not being painfully obvious?

Back to the article. Should she have done this in uniform? I wouldn’t have. To me the uniform of a US soldier is sacred. There are MANY things that shouldn’t be done in them. But again, that’s just MY opinion. Okay, let the angry comments begin…

Friday WTF: Yet Another Time Suck

As if I really needed another way to procrastinate and blow off all the important shit I should do all day, I have caved. My sister was very persistent in requesting I play Words with Friends with her on Facebook, and its finally happened. Now I will become a slave to this game as I am to the real life version known as Scrabble. Blame the game when I get NOTHING else done the next few weeks!

Friday WTF?: Words that don’t Exist

Have you ever known someone who uses a word or phrase regularly that makes absolutely no sense? A young man I know was talking about working out and said he wanted to get swole

I said, “What? Don’t you mean swollen?”

“No, you know, swole. Like I want my arms to get big.”

“Ooookay, well swole is not a word.”

And the argument digressed from there until I was laughing my ass off. Then a few days later I saw a muscle car in our neighborhood with “Team Swole” painted on it and realized the younger generation is truly full of idiots. 

However, I soon came to realize I’m also guilty of making up words. When my oldest was very small I would tell her to let me “put her hair up”. She morphed that phrase into calling the plastic ties for her hair “hair-ups”. Now everyone in our family calls them that without a second thought. Ah well, to each his own.

Friday WTF?: Sexual Revolution of 2012

I’ve been paying particular attention to the ridiculous amount of debate going on in Congress about women’s reproductive rights not just because I’m a woman, but also because I have four daughters. In an article on Yahoo news, it’s been pointed out that while Hugh Hefner has made valid statements, he’s not the best person to speak on the behalf of women’s rights. Seriously? Who else would be sympathetic to women than a man surrounded by them daily? Don’t you think all those girlfriends have let him know exactly how women think? The author of the article, Jeff Stacklin, quotes Laura Donovan from The Jane Dough as saying: 

“Though many argue he had a role in the sexual revolution and provided lots of opportunities for women, he also sends the message that it’s acceptable to juggle multiple significant others at once, all the while objectifying them publicly.”

Okay, I’ll freely admit that not so many years ago I would have fully agreed with her. However, my views on sex have changed drastically. I’ve come to the realization that I’m a consenting adult and no one can make me feel like a sexual being if I don’t want to. In my opinion, Hef’s girlfriends aren’t forced to be anywhere near him. And I honestly don’t think their proximity should affect the way he’s seen as an ally on this issue. Hell, I think we need all the allies we can get.

Friday WTF?: My Time is Your Time

First, I’m going to go ahead and confess that I completely forgot to write this post yesterday. So, for the one person who actually reads my posts at 6 AM CST when they’re usually scheduled…sorry.
Anyway, I’m going to bitch about Comcast this morning because they’ve ruined my whole day. Amazingly enough it wasn’t even a bad customer service call that pissed me off. I’ve given up calling customer service for any company that offers online chat. It’s just so much easier to read the words than try to decipher them by voice. So when I chatted with Comcast (Xfinity, whatever) online Wednesday, I actually got pretty great service. What thoroughly pissed me off is that my service call for today is from 8AM to 8PM. Let me break that down, I have to be home and available for the technician for TWELVE FUCKING HOURS. What’s even more ridiculous is the whole thing is entirely their fault. Back at the end of January when I moved and had my service turned on, they left a cable hanging over my back fence and running into the neighbor’s yard. They also left a large (major?) cable running along my back fence.
Now, to be honest, I don’t even care. It’s weird but not that much of an eyesore. I never go back there anyway. The hubs on the other hand bitches about it at least once every two weeks when he mows the lawn. With the rain we’ve had and probably more coming soon, he’ll be mowing weekly in no time. That means I’ll have to listen to him and that really sucks. So, I told them they needed to come bury the cables they were supposed to shortly after turning on my service the last weekend of January. They said, sure no problem, but you gotta wait around for TWELVE FUCKING HOURS for us to do it. For what? I sure as hell hope they don’t expect me to make lemonade.

Friday WTF?: Ouch!

If you’re anything like me, when you peruse the news articles online you spend more time reading the comments than the article itself. Usually the comments are highly entertaining either in how badly they are written, or in how passionate some people can get over nothing (in my opinion). However, when I read this article from The Daily Caller on Yahoo Tuesday, I have to admit quite a few of the comments made sense. The writer of the article appears to be female and she wrote about a male victim of a serious injury. I won’t spell it out here but basically his ex-girlfriend ripped his nuts off. OUCH! Unfortunately I’m totally serious, this really did happen. Even more unfortunate is how this writer chose to “report” the incident. Now, I know nothing about The Daily Caller. Perhaps this is the type of writing style they prefer to draw readers in. But I do find it unfortunate that the male victim is now the butt of horrible jokes over such a serious injury. As many comments pointed out, if the victim had been a woman who suffered like injuries not many people would have found it funny.

Friday WTF?: Let’s All Play Together at Once!

If you were following my blog last year at this time then you may remember me mentioning our annual Spring road trip. Basically, every Spring Break I take my girls and hit the road in search of bluebonnets and other pretty scenery to capture with my trusty Canon. How is this year different? Well, first of all gas is $4 a gallon in my area and I drive a SUV. Normally a full tank pulls $100 out of my account but at those prices I’m afraid to fill-up. Second, everyone and their brothers and sisters are on Spring Break this week. No really. I mean EVERYONE. Normally the school districts and colleges stagger the break over two or three weeks. This year, not so much. Therefore, every attraction in Houston is jam packed this week with kids looking for entertainment. We went to the library yesterday and took the very last parking space. It was nuts. What I want to know is, what fucking genius decided this was a good idea? Not someone with kids apparently.