July is Gonna Be Busy!

Happy Independence Day, America!!!! It’s July and I’ve got a lot going on this month. No new releases unfortunately, but lots of promo. 

First up is the Summer Author Blitz. I’ll be joining quite a few other authors in posting blogs and/or interviews, giving away prizes, and just trying to reach as many new readers as possible. My post will be over at Demons Do it Better on the 10th. I will be giving away a prize so be sure to stop by and say hi.

Next, all through the month of July All Romance ebooks is celebrating popular Romance novel tropes. Do you have a favorite? My books will be featured on three different days:

July 3rd: Enemies to LoversThey Call Me Death

July 12th: Social Class Differences – Two-Week Trial
July 20th: Boss/Employee Romance – Heather’s Redemption (with blog post)

And last, but most certainly not least, I’m also participating in the Digital First Read-a-Thon. My blog will be posted on The Book Reading Gals on the 27th. There will be a prize offered there too.

I also plan to participate in a chat with Cynthia Sax (date TBA), and of course you can always find me on Facebook and Twitter

Fourteen Thousand?!!

When I started this blog a few years ago it was because all authors have blogs, right? I knew keeping in touch with my readers was a good thing but website are meant to be somewhat static. I wanted to keep it flowing with updates and my rambling thoughts so my readers could get to know me. Now Facebook is much more prevalent in my life and where I do most of my “reaching out”. However, I still try to keep my blog updated at least every couple of weeks.
So, when I logged in today and took a peek at my stats, what did I see? 14,004 all time page views!! Oh my god! You guys rock. I can’t believe we’ve made it this far together but I’m absolutely thrilled. THANK YOU for hanging in there with me through the unlimited self promotion and goofy paragraph-only posts. I hope you’ve enjoyed the journey and plan to stick around for another thousand views or so. 😉

New Monthly Blog Post

I’ve decided I need to do more giveaways to my readers. Now I don’t have a large backlist, so I think exposing my readers to my favorite authors is the way to go. But, how do I do that in a different way than everyone else? Book reviews are already all over the internet, which is a good thing. However, sometimes when I get into a good book it only takes one crappy character to ruin the whole experience. I wish there was a list of characters to look out for, good and bad, rather than just books.

Now there will be something akin to that on my blog. Once a month I’m going to do a character review rather than a book review. Then one lucky commenter will win that book. Easy as pie, right? So my first task is creating the book list. I read many different genres: horror, romance (ALL types), historical fiction and literature. However, since I’m a paranormal and erotic romance author, I think I’m going to start with one of those. Here’s where you come in. Give me your wish list of books you want to know more about. I’d like to have my first post up n the next couple of days so I need some suggestions please.