Hot Archangels Series

Did you know that for less than $6 you can have all three of my Archangel books? This series from Entangled Publishing is another foray into a paranormal world set in Houston, TX. This time, angels live as humans while battling the evil in our midst. All three books have related characters but can be read as stand-alone.

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They Call Me Death Re-released!

My very first published book, They Call Me Death, was a success for me in many ways. I had readers who loved it, and readers who hated it. Personally, I really enjoyed writing it and I was proud of my first book, however, I recognized early on that it had it’s issues. Samhain Publishing was awesome enough to allow me to fix the issues I found and re-release my shifter story. It’s still the same story at its heart, but some major plot holes have been filled and hopefully it makes more sense. Here’s a preview of some new content:

“I mentioned the Camarilla, the faction that forced this change upon the world. Most
of the Elders who opposed them are still in hiding and may never come out in your lifetime.
The war was fought mostly amongst humans who suddenly became shiſters. Who had no
idea it was inside them all along.”
“Okay, now you really need to explain the war to me. What the fuck really happened?”
He frowned and pushed his coat aside to lean on his knees. He shook his head as if
having an internal debate, and for a moment, I thought he wouldn’t answer.
“It started out innocently,” he said. “Fiſty years before the war we had reached an
agreement, to reveal ourselves to your kind, though not publicly. The world was heading
toward ecological disaster and we believed the time was right. In fact, it felt like destiny.
What better symbol for how your fates and that of the land are connected than us? You don’t
have to be a spiritual person to appreciate the symbolism. But there is more to it than that,
though at that time, we kept this to ourselves.
“A delegation of shiſters from each of the major nations met with the heads of the
countries in the U.N. at least once a year. Sometimes we would aid them in humanitarian
efforts or environmental issues. We did not have numbers, you see, but we did have resources,
more than you could imagine and built over centuries.
“But we were also prepared for the fact that they would never treat us as equals, and
we guarded our secrets fiercely. Some nations grew frustrated, and we were accused of not
sharing everything we knew of our kind. Aſter one such meeting, two of our members
were kidnapped. We later found them in a Chinese laboratory…in pieces. Soon aſter, other
countries did the same. Including yours.

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