Shutterbug Sunday: Paul Ward

Today’s fabulous shutterbug is a little different from the others I’ve posted in that he shoots mostly women. I find his photos absolutely beautiful and true works of art. Here is the amazing Paul Ward.

How long have you been capturing the world around you, either professionally or from the first time you picked up a camera?

I have been taking pictures since I was very young, since I was the only person in my family who could take photos without cutting off people’s heads!  I remember using the old kodak 126 camera with the flash bulbs you had to buy separately and stick onto the top of the camera.  I started doing nudes around 1998 or 1999.

What/who is your favorite subject? Do you find humans difficult or intriguing to shoot?

Art nudes is my favorite subject.  I photograph both men and women, but predominantly women, as it’s getting difficult to find men (and increasingly women) who don’t have some sort of body art on them.  The models I photograph are easy to shoot since most of them have some years of experience modeling for photographers, painters, sketch artists, and sketching/painting groups.  They don’t have any problems being nude and are pretty confident individuals.

If you could choose any one person in history, alive or dead, to do a full photo shoot of, who would it be and why?

Bettie Paige and Marilyn Monroe would be a tossup for an artistic nude shoot.  It is very hard for me to find models over a size 10 to do figure work, and those two women would be my dream shoots !

Do you have a fantasy location you would love to shoot? If so, is there a specific subject to go along with it?

I’ve never done location shooting.  I look at a lot of the outdoor nudes and abandoned building nudes and I don’t “get” most of it.  I find most of the images too busy with too many distracting elements in them.  I’ve never thought about shooting anywhere else than my place of residence, so I can’t really say I have a fantasy location spot.

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