MMM: The Tantalizing Jimmy Thomas


Name: Jimmy Thomas

Home: Los Angeles, California 


Height: 6’-0″

Weight: 220lbs 

Hair: Black/Med 

Eyes: Hazel 

Suit: 48R – Waist: 33 – Inseam: 34 – Neck: 18 – Sleeve: 35 

Shoe: 9.5

What can I say about Jimmy Thomas? Le sigh…there’s quite a bit actually. He’s one of the hardest working male cover models I’ve ever had the pleasure of groping, er…meeting in person. He’s graced two of my books and 2,936 others (according to his Facebook bio). He’s has an extensive resume that includes TV, film, commercials and music videos. He’s a certified personal trainer involved in  martial arts and kickboxing. He is also a web designer and architect. See what I mean? Hard working!

I was able to pin him down long enough to have a few questions answered last June. Here is what Jimmy had to share with us:

(This interview was originally posted on June 15, 2011)

If you even have time (just reading your bio wore me out!) do you ever read the books you’re featured on? If not, do you prefer another genre, or read for fun at all?
I rarely have time to do anything other than work, so unfortunately, I haven’t read any of the books I’m on. If I did, I wouldn’t get new images shot and uploaded for all to use on their covers 😉

Your site is phenomenal and unlike anything I’ve ever seen. What made you decide to market yourself in this way?

Thanks 🙂 I’ve been modeling for 13 years and have always shot “couples” images of romance, sensual and erotica, and I knew the romance industry needed a place to go to get exactly that, without extensive searching on random stock image websites that didn’t have much of what they wanted/needed. And I’ve always been one to come up with marketing, network and advertising ideas that work well 😉

I’ve browsed the covers on your site and you seem to have every sub-genre of romance there. Historical, sensual, steamy, paranormal and even you in a kilt! (sigh) Do you have a favorite pose or type of cover? If so, why is it your favorite?

Not really. I love any style/genre, as long as I produce great images that I love within any genre during a shoot, I’m happy 🙂 Of course those where I’m holding a half naked/naked beautiful woman doesn’t hurt 😉

Since this interview Jimmy has changed his site a bit to be more encompassing for the Romance community. It’s now a place for authors to meet and network. If you have any interest at all in the world of Romance literature, I highly recommend you visit!

You can interact with him on Facebook here:

Or just be a fan (harem girl) here:

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