MMM: The Wonderful Warren K. Carlyle IV


Stage Name: modelwarren

Name: Warren Kenneth Carlyle IV (a long one!)

Age: 23


Height: 6’0

Weight: 170 lbs

Eye/Hair Color: Green/Brown

Shoe size: 11

Nationality: Father is Spanish;Mother is English, German

Today’s Male Model Monday offering is the wonderful Warren! He is a sweetheart I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in cyberspace and will meet in person in November. Let’s find out a few fun facts about his career.

How long have you been modeling professionally? At what age did you decide to model? 

That’s a long story– My mother was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer and I needed an outlet in an effort to try and deal with the possibility of losing her in the best way I could. I turned to the gym. My mother mentioned days before she passed away that If I didn’t want a career in psychology, that I should be a spokes model for something, that my drive and personal motivation is something special and I needed to teach it— every time I entered the room to come see her she’d say… “There’s my model” She passed away in July and I decided to take her advice and run with it—I had weight to lose from gaining so much to be photo-ready… so I made the changes and lost 45 lbs and went to my first casting.

I have been modeling professionally since Dec 2011— Although I have to admit mentally I’m still the 145 pound scrawny boy that decided to make the change in his life and get buff. I once had a photographer tell me to act more cocky—“You’re hot! Now act like it!” lol— I think I might have it down now ;P

Have you traveled for your job? If so where was your favorite assignment, if not where is your dream assignment?

I have traveled to Cancun for a pajama shoot— It was absolutely beautiful and pictures haven’t been released yet so I’m excited to see them— you can stay up to date and look out for them at

When not modeling, what hobbies do you enjoy?

My mother was a clinical psychologist and always told me I should get into social profiling—I love the human mind and so I have shelves of psychology books. I’m looking into becoming a spokes model in the future—I want use what I know to help motivate and inspire in a way that makes it seem effortless and easy to understand in a way no one else has done before—a more genuine and realistic approach. In addition to reading, I play the Piano and Saxophone when I get a free moment. Obviously working out is a big part of my life, so I’d say my second home is the gym. Lastly Dark chocolate and coffee is a must have when I’m allowed to eat/drink it…errr—okay even sometimes when I’m not! :X

What an amazing and inspiring interview! You can find out more about Warren on Facebook

*Photos by Troy Wise*

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