Friday WTF?: Let’s All Play Together at Once!

If you were following my blog last year at this time then you may remember me mentioning our annual Spring road trip. Basically, every Spring Break I take my girls and hit the road in search of bluebonnets and other pretty scenery to capture with my trusty Canon. How is this year different? Well, first of all gas is $4 a gallon in my area and I drive a SUV. Normally a full tank pulls $100 out of my account but at those prices I’m afraid to fill-up. Second, everyone and their brothers and sisters are on Spring Break this week. No really. I mean EVERYONE. Normally the school districts and colleges stagger the break over two or three weeks. This year, not so much. Therefore, every attraction in Houston is jam packed this week with kids looking for entertainment. We went to the library yesterday and took the very last parking space. It was nuts. What I want to know is, what fucking genius decided this was a good idea? Not someone with kids apparently.

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