I know it’s been quite a while since you’ve heard from me. Fear not, rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated. Those of you who lost that bet should be ashamed of yourselves. Those who won will be remembered.This brief update is simply to reaffirm the rules set forth in FNT from the signing of the treaty.

  • Yes, there are now community centers at each major checkpoint along the wall. No these are not places to pick up humans for sex and/or food.
  • Engaging in sexual acts in public, whether with humans or shifters, is illegal…still.
  • Harming humans or coercing them to run from you is illegal…still.
  • The Animal Menagerie has its own set of rules which are posted on each entrance and clearly stated in English. If you don’t read English, don’t enter The Animal Menagerie.

That is all that comes to mind at this time but more will be added as the rules are broken. Just remember, I take each infraction seriously and personally. If you have issues with any of them, feel free to speak to me at your earliest convenience.


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