Judi McCoy

For those of you who don’t recognize the lovely lady on the left, her name is Judi McCoy. I had the pleasure of meeting her in April 2008 when I attended the Romantic Times convention and enrolled in the beginning writer’s course. Judi was our teacher. She was very honest and outspoken about what it takes to be a successful writer in the romance world, and she was great about answering everyone’s questions. She was an inspiration.
At that point in my life I hadn’t seriously considered writing as a career. I wrote to get the story out of my head. I wrote to shut the characters up. My friends and family liked what I wrote and encouraged me to continue, but I figured they were biased and didn’t really count. Then I took Judi’s course, turned in a ten-page excerpt from They Call Me Death, and waited for a professional’s opinion. She liked it. Her critique was honest and encouraging. She said I really had a chance at getting published. Her words were the catalyst that prompted me to finish They Call Me Death and add the romantic vein. Because of Judi, I’m now a published author.
I’m not saying I never would have pursued a writing career without having met her, but I might still be unpublished today without her encouragement. She is already sorely missed.

If you’ve never read any of her books and enjoy contemporary romance, you’re missing out. You can find all of her information here. My favorite is the goddess series.
God bless you Judi. You’ll always be in my heart. 

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