WWWW: Protest the Real Problem

Last week I noticed an article online about people protesting outside of Apple stores because of the unsafe working conditions some Apple product manufacturers use. Okay I’m all for protesting, especially when it comes to human lives being at stake. I’m not saying this isn’t a serious problem, but come on. Apple is just one of many companies using Chinese manufacturers for their products. Why? Because it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than using US companies who are bound by US labor laws. So what’s the real problem? First, the Chinese government’s apparent refusal to have laws in place to protect their citizens from unsafe working conditions. Second, every nation’s companies who continue to use the Chinese manufacturers. So go ahead and protest Apple all you want, but then walk around your house and check labels. There are a hell of a lot more companies we need to protest too if we really want to see change.
More info here.

One thought on “WWWW: Protest the Real Problem

  1. I agree with you 100 PERCENT!!!

    Was saying this the other day on twitter. *Everything* is made in China, and the vast majority under working conditions that would not be allowed in the US. And exactly—the Chinese government should be protecting it's citizens, not the US consumer. (Or at the very least, the US govt should control it's companies.)

    So yes, and yes. Apply is just a scapegoat. Since Apple sells “yuppy” or “luxury” products it's easy to vilify Apple consumers. It's absurd.


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