Friday WTF?: Moms Pay Attention!

I wear many hats in life but first and foremost am a mother. So, when I see stories like the video of the little girl nearly being kidnapped in Walmart it really strikes a nerve. I’m not like many people who watched the news clip and thought, oh what a brave little girl. In fact, my initial reaction was, what a fucking stupid ass mom! The news anchor first said the mom was just a couple of aisles over, then later mentions the mom was shopping for fruit and left her seven-year old in the toy aisle. I’ve been to many Walmarts and can testify that the fruit is nowhere near the toy aisle. As a matter of fact, in most locations it’s on the other side of the store since food and non-food items areĀ separated. Now, when I was little it might have been okay to leave a seven year-old on one side of a big-ass store like Walmart all alone. But those days are gone and have been for some time. What mother doesn’t know there are plenty of sick fucks in the world willing to victimize our children? So, I want to know if this woman is going to be charged with neglect, because leaving her daughter alone for any length of time in this situation was just plain stupid.


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