Friday WTF?: A Prostitute by Any Other Name…

And here’s another attempt at me trying to do a weekly blog thing. So, every Friday I’ll come up with something that completely boggles my mind for Friday WTF?
I have over a thousand followers on Twitter but they always come to me slowly. Because of that, I’m able to wade through them one at a time and check them out before deciding on whether to follow back. One of my most recent followers brought to light something I hadn’t really thought about before. In this day and age do men really still have to pay for sex? I ask this because if even a quarter of the spam I receive is based in any type of reality, there are plenty of people out there willing to have sex with total strangers at a moment’s notice…for free.
The follower I speak of lists herself as an International Escort and Elite Companion. Oookay. Now, I’m not knocking her gig. Hell, if I could charge the prices she has listed just for the initial meet and greet, I’d do it in a heartbeat. What gets me is, Why? Why would any man, obviously rich by her price lists, be willing to pay a woman for her time knowing it’s nothing more than that? I mean, I can understand the whole business transaction – no emotional attachment aspect to a point, but come on. Today’s women are a hell of a lot more in the know about sex, sexual freedom, and what men really want than we were a decade and more ago. In my opinion, it’s easier for a businessman to meet a woman and be up front about wanting a sexually based relationship, that might go nowhere, today than it was in the past. Am I wrong? Am I being totally naive about how women think? I’ve been in a committed relationship for sixteen years. That means I was never a single “adult”. My late teen years were lonesome but not much, so I’ve never really had to swim through the dating pool.
She also mentions men spending time away from their lives of things like being a husband to be with her. Really? Is an affair really worth thousands of dollars right out of the gate? That not only appalls but completely mystifies me. I’m thinking it would be cheaper to get a divorce and find the woman you actually want to have sex with rather than meet this chic, who is also meeting God knows how many others, from time to time. But that’s just my female logical brain working here.

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