In the Land of Humans…

It’s been a while, things here have settled into a sort of peace. Not true peace. Not like it was before. To be honest, I’m not sure I even remember what life was like before I learned to shoot a gun, swing a sword with deadly accuracy and defend myself against beings so much stronger than humans. I’ve learned to live with this new reality and am content in my role as wife to a man who isn’t quite human.

My new life doesn’t make me any less human, or any less sympathetic to human needs. I’ve seen the anger on many of your faces as I walk the streets of Georgetown. I’ve heard the whispers. If you’re not brave enough to say it to my face then fuck off. I’ve paid my dues. I lost a son to evil shifters and learned the hard way not even my neighbors could be trusted. However, not all shifters are created equal. Know your enemy, not just by physical traits but by deed as well.

For those who are interested, the Alpha of FNT, Sandulf Theodereiks, will be visiting the Animal Menagerie a day or two next week. He invites any human adult who wishes to meet him to do so. You will be given free entry. If you follow all posted rules, you will also be allowed to leave at any time of your choosing.
Know your enemy. I assure you, those you perceive as the enemy certainly know you.

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