I’m Writing Vampires…

It’s kind of a new thing for me, writing vampire characters into a story. My current work in progress is actually set in a world where vamps are just another race of people, living alongside humans and having to deal with prejudices and fears. They’re actually the ruling class and the entire world runs on a different clock where daylight hours are when everything shuts down. I’ve written in first person again, this time from the POV of Zaria Stonewell, a human trying to survive in the vamp run society. Here’s a little taste:

            I eyed my landlord warily, noting the coffee stains on his white tank top. His dark jeans were so full of holes it was a wonder he hadn’t been arrested for indecent exposure. A stranger would think he was homeless rather than the owner of several businesses.
            “Yeah, Joe. You know I work day shift.”
            He grunted and licked his teeth with a sound that grated on my nerves.
            “I know, I know. Sucks to be you.”
            I waited almost a full minute in silence as he seemed to be searching for something else to say. Finally the suspense was too much for me. “Did you need something?”
            He seemed to think it over before raising one bony shoulder in a lazy shrug. “Just checking up on one of my favorite humans.”
            I fought the urge to shiver in disgust and slam the door in his face.
            “I’m cool, Joe. Just gotta finish getting ready for work.”
            He straightened and for a second I thought he meant to take a step into my apartment. I was blocking the doorway but with his vampire strength he could easily force his way in. I tensed, fighting down my inherent fear. Joe’s nostrils flared and he tilted his head. The overhead light danced across his elongated pupils, causing the inhuman sheen to spark for a second. I never forgot for a single moment that he was a predator.
            He smiled as if reading my thoughts and took a step back. “No problem, chica. Catch you later.”
            He turned and was gone in a rustle of cloth, the smell of old cigarettes drifting lazily after him. I released a breath I hadn’t meant to hold and closed the door. I rubbed my hands up and down my arms in a vain attempt to dispel goose bumps and returned to my toast.
            “Fucking vampires.”

I’m at 43,089 words with a goal of 50K. Hopefully it will be done by this weekend for a final read through and submission. I’ll keep ya’ll posted.

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