Halloween as a Human

Halloween is one of those holidays I always took for granted as a human. It wasn’t until after the treaty, and my world began its rebirth, that I considered how it would affect non-humans. Andor once told me how he’d partially shifted one year to take Emily trick-or-treating. Neither she, her mother, nor any of the neighbors had a clue that his wings were an actual part of his anatomy. He said many people had asked where he’d had them made, and everyone wanted to touch them. I’ve learned his wings are one of the most sensitive parts of his body. He confessed that by the end of the night he was quite turned on.

For the most part, shifters can’t shift into their animal self until puberty. However, there are exceptions to every rule. It leaves me to wonder if any of the little trick-or-treaters that ever came to my door weren’t really in costume. Was there an authentic wolf or bear cub, just partially shifted, that came to call? With the proper training and good control it’s entirely possible. There could easily have been teenagers walking on two legs while the top half of their bodies were more suited to the animal within. I guess I’ll never know.

Halloween isn’t actually recognized in FNT anymore than it is in CHS now. I’ve told Andor how sad that makes me and he decided to let me throw a Halloween party this year. I’ve told all of the guests that they can come as human or animal, but still have to be in an actual costume. Andor said if he comes he will be The Big, Bad Wolf. I think he’s currently searching for a Little Red Riding Hood to accompany him. This should prove to be an interesting evening.

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