The Good News is, Uh…

All right we’ll start with the bad news: the sequel to They Call Me Death (Much More Than Human) has officially been rejected by my publisher. What does this mean? Well, I’m not entirely certain. I know I can’t submit it to the same publisher again (for the third time). However, that doesn’t mean I can’t submit it elsewhere. I think. The truth is I need to comb through my contract to be sure I can take my characters elsewhere right now. It might be a waiting game. For those of you who have read TCMD, this was to be Emily’s story. There is quite a bit revealed in her book about a few other characters as well, Lance chief among them. I hate having to sit on this story. I want everyone who has read TCMD to know what happens next. Unfortunately I have to check out a few things before moving on.
So, for now I will be concentrating on the myriad of other stories I have in progress. Arch angels, vampires and gargoyles are in the works, along with a few contemporary romances. There will be everything from short stories to full-length novels, with a novella or two in between. I hope all of my dear readers understand and don’t give up on me or my world of shifters. There will be more to come I promise…I just don’t know when.

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