More Than One Day a Year

I recently traveled to the northern territories, into Alaska and Old Canada, where I don’t often have the opportunity to wander. Many of my old friends have passed on, leaving the younger generation to take their places. It was a good visit and I learned many things about the pups who will one day rule these lands when I’m long gone. They showed me due respect and humility. They spoke of their responsibilities and goals for the future. I see great things happening in the northern tribes and hope the southern cities can learn from them.

Tradition seemed to be a prevalent theme among the elders. They spoke of it the whole time I was there and I saw with my own eyes how they’ve instilled the need for tradition within their young. That made me think of the many human traditions and customs we’ve adapted as our own over the years. This being February, one such tradition is the holiday of Valentines. When I was a young man playing human I used to participate in the foolishness that is Valentine’s Day to impress the ladies. I have not done so in more years than I can count. The question is why?

It was never a conscious decision to stop celebrating Valentine’s. If I had a mate I would give her flowers and gifts all year long rather than on one particular day. I believe it is very human to choose a single day in the year to celebrate something so wondrous as love. Perhaps because they believe it is fleeting. We know better. Shifters are lucky enough to know there is a mate out there for each of us. Whether you want to believe it or not, it is so.

So if you have found your mate, whether or not your mate is human, just remember that love lasts all year long. Therefore, you should embrace it each and every day. Don’t be afraid to show your mate, family and friends your love for them. It isn’t love that is fleeting, but life. Take advantage of these peaceful moments while we have them.


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