My View of Things

Humans can be quite amusing at the best of times. I try to remind myself on a daily basis there are many humans with redeeming qualities. I just don’t know if there are enough of them to outweigh the others. I think of my ex-wife and it turns my stomach to remember that I chose her of my own free will. Karma sure can be a bitch, and she showed no mercy when she paired me with that sadistic whore. The only goodness out of that union was my beautiful daughter, Emily. She is half human, the poor child, and one day I’ll have to repent for that grave mistake.

I look out as I soar high above the human lands, disguised as a golden eagle, and none of them the wiser. With my keen sight I see fewer and fewer acts of kindness on the human side of the wall than before the war. Now they are wary of even each other, as they try to live in this new world of our making. I am proud to be a shifter. I’ve roamed this earth for nearly three-hundred years and revealing myself as an animal cost all that had grown precious to me in that time.

My ex-wife wasn’t much of a loss, but my daughter, my job, friends and colleagues… It’s left a hole in me I don’t know how to heal. The alpha has my undying loyalty, for he has the strength to see us through this transition. The humans are learning to live with us and we with them. However, I don’t know how long this fragile peace will last. How long can the animals control their baser nature to kill that which they don’t understand? As a shifter, I only hope the humans will remain humane.


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